Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

2019 Hilary Holloway Trophy Winner -Laverne Robilliard

Laverne Robilliard, a PhD candidate from the Graham Group in the Centre for Brain Research/Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology is the inaugural winner of the Hilary Holloway annual image trophy, which has been named after long-standing BIRU staff member Hilary Holloway who recently retired. The winning image is a New Zealand glioblastoma glioma-sphere showing expression and localisation of stem-cell associated markers.

The image was acquired on the BIRU Olympus FV1000 BX61 confocal microscope using a 40x/1.0 NA oil immersion objective lens.

See Laverne's image here...

BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey presents Laverne Robilliard with the inaugural Hilary Holloway annual image trophy