Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Image competition results - 2021

The award winners were announced at the 2021 BIRU Research Celebration on 27 November. This year, we held the event via Zoom as an in-person event was not possible. Attendees had the opportunity to see a slide-show of all of the images prior to the prize-giving. A video of the prize-giving can be seen below.

The winner of each category received a mounted copy of their image (high quality print mounted on ArtMount), a bottle of Goldie sparkling chardonnay and a Microscopy for Dummies book (courtesy of Carl Zeiss NZ). Those who received Highly Commended awards received a bottle of Goldie syrah. In one case, a Microscopy for Dummies book was provided instead.

The category winners are shown below. You can access the Highly Commended and Special Mention awards using the links below. We congratulate all of our award recipients on their outstanding efforts in what has been a very difficult year.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

See Highly Commended award winners

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Visualisation and analysis category and trophy winner for 2021


E. J. Loef

School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

'Human monocyte-derived dendritic cells and T cells migrating in a co-culture to a CCL19 gradient.'

The time-lapse video (see below) is showing the migration response of mDCs (red) and T cells (green) in co-culture up to 6 hours after 100 ng CCL19 was added to an under-agar assay.

See E. J. with the Hilary Holloway Prize for best image

See E. J. with his other prizes!

Electron microscopy


Fathumma Rizana Shiraz

School of Biological Sciences

'Handful of Shells'

See Rizana with her prizes


Light microscopy


Molly Abraham and Rashi Karunasinghe

Department of Physiology/Centre for Brain Research

'Neuronal tentacles'

Dissociated hippocampal neuron transfected with mApple and imaged using fluorescence on a Nikon Eclipse TiE-invert (10x objective), pseudo-coloured using Fiji software.

See a photo of Molly and Rashi

Confocal microscopy


Haruna Suzuki-Kerr

Department of Physiology


See Haruna with her prizes