Biomedical Imaging Research Unit


The Biomedical Imaging Research Unit (BIRU) provides research infrastructure and support and is located in the School of Medical Sciences within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the Grafton campus.

Dr Charlotte Johnson - Technical Officer Photography & Microscopy , School of Biological Sciences. "Ascension": Natural fluorescence of a microsporophyll of a male pine cone captured at x 60 magnification using a Leica DMRE light microscope. Multiple focal planes were combined in Photoshop.
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  • Annual image competition results 2017
    23 November 2017
    The results of the annual image competition were announced at the end of year Research Celebration on Thursday 23 November 2017. The winner of the light microscopy category and overall winner and recipient of the annual image trophy was Dr Charlotte Johnson from the School of Biological Sciences. Charlotte's winning image is now featured on the BIRU home page.
  • BIRU Seminar - Friday 20 October - 3pm - 4pm
    13 October 2017
    This seminar will focus on analysis and quantitation with the ImageXpress (IXM) high content imaging system, MetaXpress software and its analysis modules. It will also explain how the powerful custom module editor within MetaXpress can help you to design complex highly detailed workflows for your analysis. While it is focused on the MetaXpress software, the ‘analysis logic’ described here is applicable to other software packages.