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BIRU webinar 2 November 2021

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I've got images, now I need numbers!

Image segmentation and analysis are critical steps following image acquisition.

In the following webinars, Jacqueline Ross and Richard Yulo each demonstrate a software package that can be used to solve some image analysis problems. Jacqui uses Fiji to explain a typical example of an image analysis pipeline, the steps involved and provides a brief introduction to the use of macros. Richard uses the Intellesis module in ZEN to show how machine learning can be used for image segmentation. Through these webinars, you will get a feel for different software interfaces and results that can be obtained from them.

Ratish Kurian introduces the virtual machines that the BIRU have set up to assist users with challenging data sets that require a higher-level resource than your standard desktop PC.

Thanks to the FMHS postdoctoral society for organising this event!



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A taste of Fiji - introduction to image analysis
This document complements the webinar above and describes a typical image analysis pipeline including pre-processing, segmentation, binary processing and measurements. (3.9 MB, PDF)

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