Biomedical Imaging Research Unit


Computers within the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit are available for image processing and analysis.

There are no user charges for staff and students of The University of Auckland, however you still need to be an authorised user in order to make a booking using the BIRU Scheduler.

BIRU staff can offer individualised support and training for the following packages

  • ImageJ/Fiji
  • MetaMorph - includes a number of application modules
  • Image-Pro Plus 3D - includes the SharpStack deconvolution module
  • ZEN - includes Intellesis and colocalization modules as well as Airyscan processing
  • Fluoview - full licence - includes spectral deconvolution
  • Amira - includes deconvolution
Some documentation is available here.
BIRU also provides remote access to two virtual machines, that were developed in collaboration with the Centre for eResearch. The intention is to provide enhanced resources where desktops are insufficient.
Image J/Fiji  Virtual Server
There are 2 licences available and bookings are managed via the BIRU Scheduler.

Virtual machine for VSlide Data on the NECTAR Cloud

The Nectar Research Cloud is a service of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is enabled by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program (NCRIS).

This VM runs VS Viewer, Fiji and iLastik and is designed to support image processing and analysis of the very large data sets acquired on the VSlide slide scanner.

To access these VMs, please contact Ratish.

Confocal microscopy winner 2015
Amelia Power, Dept of Physiology Transverse section of a cardiac trabecula from a rat heart.

Urawadee Rajchakit and Hugh Glossop “Gold mine” Scanning electron microscopy

Software support

Ratish Kurian

IT Systems Specialist - BIRU, Technical Services



Jacqueline Ross

Lead Technologist, Technical Services



Richard Yulo

Technical Manager/Senior Technologist