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Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is the measurement of phenotypic, biochemical or molecular characteristics of cells as they flow past a laser beam creating signals which are collected by a series of detectors.

The detectors translate light signals into electronic signals which are then recorded and analysed by computer. Light scatter from cells and fluorescence from the cells themselves or molecules attached to the cells can be measured.

Cell properties such as size, internal complexity, internal and external cell components and DNA content can be measured.

Cell sorting takes flow cytometry a step further where populations of cells can be selectively deposited into collection vessels for further culture or analysis.

The flow cytometers are located in a PC2 laboratory.

More resources for flow cytometry available here.



  • Phenotypic analysis of intracellular or extracellular markers
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Analysis and sorting of fluorescent protein expression (GFP, DsRed, mCherry, etc) in zebrafish and mammalian cells
  • DNA content determination
  • Cytokine detection
  • Calcium flux
  • Purification of cell populations for RNA extraction
  • Purification of cell populations based on internal or external markers

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