Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Cytek Aurora CS cell sorter

The Cytek Aurora CS Cell Sorter is a spectral sorter that detects the full spectrum of emitted light, which enables a large number of parameters to be assessed simultaneously. This machine is the first in the southern hemisphere to be installed inside a Class II biosafety cabinet, providing a safe aseptic sorting environment for the user and samples.  

Researchers are welcome to utilise this machine to analyse and/or sort samples. Please contact the sorter operator (contact details below) to make a booking. 





  • 5 lasers (UV, Violet, Blue, Yellow-Green and Red)
  • 67 detection channels (64 fluorescence channels, FSC, blue laser SSC and violet laser SSC)



  • 355 nm 20 mW
  • 405 nm 100 mW
  • 488 nm 50 mW
  • 561 nm 50 mW
  • 640 nm 80 mW



  • APD detector arrays for each laser



  • 70, 100, 130um 


Collection vessels

  • 1.5ml Eppendorfs – up to 6-way sort
  • 5ml tubes – up to 4-way sort 
  • 96-well plates – single and multi-cell sort


SpectroFlo® CS ver 1.05

Equipment charges - users from The University of Auckland

The Aurora CS is charged out at $1.88 per minute (equivalent to $112.80 per hour). There is an additional setup cost of $56.54 per day, which is shared equally between the day’s users (for sorting only). These rates apply only to users from The University of Auckland. 

Contact person

Sandy Chen

Technologist, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 6473 or Ext 86473