School of Population Health

Established in 2003, the School of Population Health is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

  • Planet earth and human health
    17 February 2017
    A better understanding of the close relationship between the life-support systems of our planet with human health and disease, is the focus of a new book by pioneering Australian epidemiologist, Tony McMichael.
  • Food marketing review ignores advice from 77 experts
    16 February 2017
    Government regulation is needed to reduce the advertising industry’s marketing of unhealthy foods to children and young people, according to 77 of New Zealand’s leading health professors.
  • Vitamin D supplements can help kiwi children
    16 February 2017
    New Zealand children can benefit from vitamin D supplements that protect against acute respiratory infections, according to a new study.
  • New fathers can get new baby depression too
    16 February 2017
    Depression symptoms among men before and after the birth of their children were identified by recent research from the University of Auckland’s Centre for Longitudinal Research – He Ara Ki Mua.
  • Hearing and balance disorders focus for new centre
    10 February 2017
    A multidisciplinary collaborative research centre dedicated to research into hearing and balance disorders was launched in Auckland this week.