School of Population Health

Established in 2003, the School of Population Health is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

  • Weight management study via rugby clubs
    14 May 2015
    A weight management programme delivered via rugby clubs may help curb New Zealand’s growing obesity problem, particularly among Māori and Pacific men.
  • Virtual supermarket can test policy changes
    04 May 2015
    A unique new three-dimensional virtual supermarket software tool to measure food purchase behaviour will be able to test the effectiveness of food-related policy changes.
  • Most in advanced age rely on pension
    16 April 2015
    A survey of people in advanced age has shown that for most people (89 percent), New Zealand Superannuation is the main source of income.
  • Majority of packaged foods unhealthy
    13 April 2015
    Fewer than half of all packaged foods available in New Zealand and Australia in 2012 met nutritional criteria to carry health claims, according to recently published research from the University of Auckland.
  • High rate of hospital admissions in advanced age
    08 April 2015
    A study on hospitalisations in advanced age has found that 42 percent of the sample were hospitalised with fewer women than men admitted over 12 months follow up.