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Today's studies are tomorrow's news headlines - so why not be a part of the research happening here in our faculty? Take a look below at some of the studies taking place in FMHS and see if you could be the perfect participant for current medical and health research.

GP menstural bleeding thumbnail

We are looking for GPs across New Zealand to take part in 
a short and anonymous survey about the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.

Stressed woman studying

Are you a University of Auckland student interested in trying a strategy that can help manage stress? We would love to have you participate in our research!

Film MRI ( Magnetic resonance imaging ) of brain ( stroke , brain tumor , cerebral infarction , intracerebral hemorrhage )  ( Medical , Health care , Science Background ) ( Cross section of brain )

Are you in your early 20s or 40s with 20/20 vision? This study aims to investigate the mechanism that drives presbyopia, the normal age related loss of near-focusing ability.

Model ear thumbnail

With this research, want to explore experiences and perspectives of hearing loss and hearing health care services in Auckland from hard-of-hearing Māori 60-and-above, health care service providers and whānau.

Hearing aids

If you are over 18 and have constant tinnitus, you could take part in a study to determine the effects of different masking levels of threshold adjusted noise prescription (masker sound) in hearing aids on tinnitus.

Shisha thumbnail

Are you interested in taking part in a study about waterpipe use? We are looking for University students to take part in this online survey.

Handcream thumbnail

We are looking for volunteers with plaque psoriasis to help us with a study investigating the effects of stress and environmental enrichment on psoriasis.

Blood cells thumbnail

Take part in gout research! We are looking for individuals aged between 18 and 80 years who have high blood urate levels or a family history of gout, but do not have gout themselves.

Depressed boy thumbnail

Are you currently depressed but not on antidepressants? Researchers in the School of Pharmacy are looking for 18-60 year olds to trial a new antidepressant in this study.

Thumbnail: child vaccination

If you believe your child’s Well Child Tamariki Ora (Plunket) Book accurately reflects their immunisation record, take part in this study about New Zealand’s national immunisation record.

Glasses thumbnail

If you are short-sighted, you are invited to participate in our study investigating the relationship between retinal tissue stretch and short-sightedness.

Tampon thumbnail

This research study on period poverty in New Zealand is looking for South Asian women over 18 years old to share their experiences.

Pregnant lady

Most women planning induction of labour at 37 weeks or more with a healthy baby would be suitable to participate in this study about induced labour.

Proofreading thumbnail

We are seeking 10 peer reviewers with either personal or professional expertise in overeating reduction to review a booklet and complete a survey.

Woman eye thumnail

In this study, we are investigating the role that blur plays in determining how your eyes move - if you're over 18 with normal or corrected to normal vision, you can take part.

Period cross stitch thumbnail

We are looking for New Zealand women age 18 to 55 to take part in a questionnaire about menstrual periods and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Pink ibuprofen

We are looking for participants to take part in a study looking at people’s lived experiences of using medicines for long-term conditions.

Laughing baby

We are looking for children age 16 days to three and a half years to partake in a research project about infant and toddler development in Australia and New Zealand.

Cyclist thumbnail

Are you interested in knowing what your physical fitness is like? We are looking for men age 20-35 to take part in a clinical study at Grafton Campus.

Women talking thumbnail

Are you interested in helping out on a study investigating conversational behaviours? We are looking for women over 18 to take part.

Blu eye

In this study, we want to test if we can combine 3D technology and eye-tracking to measure how your eyes move and work together.

Strabismic eyes thumnail

In this study we’re looking for children and adults with strabismus, colloquially called a “lazy eye” or “childhood squint”, to try out some new computer-based tests that we’ve developed.

Vegetables on bench

If you are aged between 18-35 years and would like to receive a $50 voucher, take part in a focus group to test videos about cooking with vegetables.

Chinese woman thumbnail

We are looking for Chinese women between 20–69 years old who live in New Zealand to complete a questionnaire about attitudes towards cervical cancer screening.


Did you wear glasses and an eye patch as a child? We need people age 7 to 60 with a difference in prescription between two eyes to participate in this research.

Sad Child

Are you over 16 with an interest in child and youth mental health? Take part in an anonymous online survey to help us support the mental wellbeing of children and young people.


If you have normal or corrected-to-normal vision, we would like to invite you to take part in a research project investigating how you see the world.

Skeleton hand

If you're over 18 years old, live in Auckland and have gout, you could take part in a study on the effects of taking an extra medication to prevent acute attacks of gout when commencing allopurinol.


Researchers in the Department of Medicine are looking for people with type 2 diabetes who are taking one or two different tablets for diabetes, but not insulin. Learn more about their study here.

Exercise runner thumbnail

Do you listen to music during your roadside runs? Take part in this study by the Department of Audiology about noise levels and potential damage.

Hearing Aid thumbnail

Are you over 65 years old in Auckland or Christchurch? We are recruiting for the CogniAid trial investigating hearing aid fitting strategies and cognition in older New Zealanders.  


Researchers are collaborating on a project to investigate the effect of resistance training on eye health. If you're over 55 and have good eye health, why not take part in this study?

Social media smartphone

We are looking for people age 16 and older to test a new intervention for reducing social media, smartphone games and Netflix. If you're ready to reduce your internet use, sign up via this survey!

Child eye

Children age 8-13 with normal or corrected to normal vision can trial lenses that are designed to reduce myopia progression in children - Find out more.

Casino pokie machines

Do you enjoy playing pokies? You can help us understand pokie machines better! We need participants for our individual interviews.

Pregnant woman

Are you in your last trimester of pregnancy? Researchers are conducting a study to measure muscle growth and development in typically developing babies.


We are looking for individuals aged 18 years or over to take part in a study looking at social closeness with a digital human made by Soul Machines - find out more here.

Pouring water

If you are between 50-90 years old with normal sensation and movement in your hand, you could be part of the 
Assessment of Sensation in the Adult Population (ASAP) study.


The University of Auckland is NOW RECRUITING males aged between 20-40 years old living in Auckland. You will be reimbursed for your involvement—just click on the link to find out if you’re eligible!

Girl with laptop

Do you want your study listed here? Email e.woodward@auckland.ac.nz with information about your study and how long you will be recruiting for.

Other research studies at the University


Clinical studies at Liggins Institute

Take part in studies about pregnancy, babies and healthy adulthood at Liggins Institute.

NIHI games thumbnail

Research at NIHI

The National Institute for Health Innovation is looking for study participants to help improve population health.