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November Graduation 2016
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  • t-image-saxton
    Silent rising HIV epidemic needs action
    01 December 2016
    The world’s most dangerous infectious disease epidemic of the modern era is reviving, but are we prepared in New Zealand
  • Peter Johnston HonAcademic
    New insights on limb evolution from Auckland
    30 November 2016
    An Auckland medical scientist has contributed to a better understanding of the role of muscles in limb evolution from fish to land animals, in research published recently.
  • Jonathon Webber
    Child resuscitation under scrutiny
    30 November 2016
    A new study to assess how surf lifeguards are doing with child resuscitation skills is underway in the north this summer.
  • Associate Professor Mark Bolland
    Vitamin D supplements unnecessary for healthy adults
    28 November 2016
    Most people get sufficient vitamin D from sunshine and diet and do not need to take vitamin D supplements, according to a review led by the University of Auckland’s Associate Professor Mark Bolland.
  • oped-peter-adams
    Gambling addiction influenced by room design
    25 November 2016
    Rooms where gambling machines are tightly clumped in ways that discourage social interaction are more likely to result in heavy and problematic gambling, according to an Auckland gambling addiction expert, Professor Peter Adams