Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Tissue processing

A full range of support equipment is available for specimen preparation for transmission electron microscopy. Individual training in tissue processing and embedding is provided free of charge for University of Auckland staff/students. Charges apply for external users. There is also a free sectioning and staining service for those within the University. Please contact Ratish Kurian for more information.

Satya Amirapu, Senior Histologist in charge of the Histology Section, offers a tissue processing and embedding service for electron microscopy. Charges apply. Please contact Satya to discuss pricing.

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Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome

Joan Liu (Dept of Anatomy with Radiology) using the Ultramicrotome.

EMS Glow Discharge Unit

Used to make hydrophobic filmed grids hydrophilic and negatively charged to improve sample absorption