Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Becton Dickinson LSR II analyser

Researchers should contact the staff member in charge (details below) to arrange a time for training and PC2 induction. After training has been completed, LSR II users are able to book time on the machine and run and analyse samples independently. Booking are managed through the BIRU Scheduler, which is a web-based booking system. Staff support is available as necessary. 




  • 3 Laser 9 Colour 5-Blue 2-UV 2- Red

               (with PI and Indo-1)


  • Coherent Genesis 355nm 20mW
  • Coherent Sapphire 488nm 20mW
  • JDS Uniphase 633nm 17mW


  • Forward scatter detection - photodiode
  • Side scatter and fluorescence
        - photomultiplier tubes

Laser lines and filters

Laser line Detector Mirror Emision filter Fluorophores
355nm Trigon   450/50 BP Indo-1 (Violet), Alexa Fluor 350, DAPI, Hoechst, DyeCycle Violet,
Pacific Blue
355nm Trigon 505 LP 530/30 BP Indo-1 (Blue), Pacific Orange
488nm Octagon 505 LP 530/30 BP Alexa Fluor 488, FITC, GFP, Qdot 525, BODIPY, CFSE, CMFDA,
DyeCycle Green, Eosin, FcOxyBURST Green, Fluo-3, Fluo-4, Live/Dead Fixable Green, SYBR Green, SYTOX Green, ZsGreen1
488nm Octagon 550 LP 575/26 BP DsRed, PE, Qdot 565, Qdot 585, 575/26, Cy3, dTomato, DyeCycle Orange, PI
488nm Octagon 600 LP 610/20 BP PE-Texas Red, Qdot 605, Nile Red, PE-Alexa Fluor 610, PI
488nm Octagon 685 LP 695/40 BP PE-Cy5, PerCP, PerCP-Cy5-5, PI, 7-AAD, PE-Alexa Fluor 700, PE-Cy5-5,
Qdot 705
488nm Octagon 735 LP 780/60 BP PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa Fluor 750, Qdot 800
633nm Trigon   660/20 BP APC, Alexa Fluor 633, Alexa Fluor 647, Alexa Fluor 660,
Live/Dead Fixable Far Red, SYTOX Red, TO-PRO 3
633nm Trigon 735 LP 780/60 BP Live/Dead Fixable Near-IR, APC-Cy7, APC-H7, Alexa Fluor 750,
APC-Alexa Fluor 750, DRAQ5


FACSDiva version 6.1.3 

Equipment charges - users from the University of Auckland

The LSR II is charged out at $32.22 for the first 15 minutes, and then $2.15 per minute thereafter (equivalent to $128.90 per hour). These rates apply only for users from the University of Auckland.

Contact person

Sandy Chen

Technologist, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 6473 or Ext 86473