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Software resources

Fiji/ImageJ documentation

If you are looking for assistance in using Fiji/ImageJ, please see this page which contains documentation and instructions written by Jacqui Ross for a workshop held at the 28th New Zealand Conference on Microscopy in 2017.

MetaXpress/MetaMorph - instructions for using Application modules

Instructions for using these modules are available here. These instructions are only available to people from The University of Auckland as per agreement with the vendor.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC (2016)

Instructions for using Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop is commonly used for ediiting and enhancing microscopy images. These instructions provide an introduction to the use of the software and how to use it. (7.1 MB, PDF)

Creating contact sheets using Adobe Photoshop CC (2018)

Creating contact sheets of images using Adobe Photoshop CC
This document explains how to create a contact sheet (or gallery) of images using Adobe Photoshop. (172.4 kB, PDF)

Contact person

Jacqueline Ross

Lead Technologist, Technical Services