Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Image competition results 2019 - winners

The award winners were announced at the end of year Research Celebration on Wednesday 27 November.

To view larger versions of the winning images, click on the smaller versions below.

Confocal microscopy category & trophy winner for 2019


Laverne Robilliard

Graham Group, Centre for Brain Research/Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology

New Zealand glioblastoma glioma-sphere

Labelling shows expression and localisation of stem-cell associated markers
Image acquired on the BIRU Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope at 40x magnification

See Laverne receiving her award for confocal microscopy from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey

See Laverne receiving the Hilary Holloway annual image trophy from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey

Visualisation and analysis


Yukti Vyas

Department of Physiology

"Lightening through the cortex“

Cortical processes injected with the genetically encoded fluorescent calcium indicator

See Yukti receiving her award for visualisation and analysis from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey

Light microscopy


Helen Murray

Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging/Centre for Brain Research

“Party Popper”

Human olfactory bulb glomerular layer imaged on a Zeiss Z2 Axio Imager with Zen software at National Institutes of Health (NIH) and pseudo coloured using Photoshop

Electron microscopy


Dr. Kyriakos Varnava

School of Chemical Sciences

"The fight against bacteria"

Imaged using a Hitachi SU-70 FESEM

See Kyriakos with his award for electron microscopy