Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

2014 Trophy Winner - Inken Kelch

3D reconstruction of a lymph node, extended-volume confocal imaging system

Inken Kelch, a PhD student from the School of Biological Sciences won the Visualisation and Analysis category. She was also awarded th BIRU Image Trophy as the overall winner of the BIRU Image Competition in 2014, which she will keep for one year.

The video shows features of lymph node organisation in mice: cells with high phagocytic activity that have taken up large dextran molecules are located in the medulla, lymphatic sinuses reach from the medulla into the paracortex, and lectin-labelled blood vessels form a dense network throughout the entire lymph node.

High-resolution 3D images of a fluorescently labelled lymph node were generated with the help of an extended-volume confocal imaging system. Image processing was performed using custom-developed computer tools, the 3D rendering software Amira, and Imaris was used for the creation of this animation.

Inken's supervisors are:

Gib Bogle, Anthony Phillips, Greg B. Sands, Ian J. LeGrice, and P. Rod Dunbar

See the winning image...

This work has now been published - check out the paper!