School of Medical Sciences

BIRU image competition 2009 - highly commended entries

Confocal laser scanning microscopy


Emma Kay
Department of Physiology

Single slice fixed confocal picture of HEK293 cells expressing the human melanocortin 3 receptor (green) and human melanocortin receptor 2 accessory protein (red).

Acquired on the Olympus FV1000 Live Cell Imaging system and image processed using ImageJ.

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See Emma with her prize and others who received awards.

Light microscopy


Renee Gordon
Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

The image is x10 magnification taken on the Nikon Eclipse TE2000U microscope in the Connor lab. The cells are dividing neural stem cells from the adult rat brain which were allowed to differentiate into mature neural cells over 3 weeks in culture. The green staining is GFAP-positive astrocytes and the blue staining is DAPI stained nuclei.

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See Renee leaving with her prize.

Electron microscopy


Linda Graham

Nuclear pseudo inclusion. Golgi & RER seen through a window in a nucleus.

Imaged on the Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN electron microscope.

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See Linda with her prize.

Visualisation and analysis


Sarah Rynbeck
Department of Physiology

MRI images of lean C57BL6/J (left) and obese C57BL/6J (right) mice. Note the green area is anatomical (ie, non fat) while the orange area is fat. A series of images is acquired for each mouse and then used to work out the body composition of the mice (ie, percentage body fat).

Imaged on the high field MRI scanner using the Dixon method and processed using ImageJ.

Thanks go to Dr Beau Pontré for his assistance with the imaging.

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