Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Image competition results - 2020

The award winners were announced at the end of year Research Celebration on Wednesday 18 November.

To view larger versions of the winning images, click on the smaller versions below.

Confocal microscopy category & trophy winner for 2020


Joscelin Smith

Department of Physiology

“Deep sea neurons”

Ganglionated plexi neurons in the heart. It was stained for neuron specific markers (GluR2, ChAT and NFH, taken on the Olympus FV1000 at 10x.

See Joscelin receiving her award for confocal microscopy from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey

See Joscelin receiving the Hilary Holloway Prize for best image and "basket of knowledge" award from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey and see the 2020 prizes...

Electron microscopy


Hugh Glossop and Urawadee Rajchakit

School of Chemical Sciences

“Silver fern, in gold”

Peptide-conjugated gold nanoparticles aggregated into a fern-like structure (inverted TEM image).

Image acquired using the FEI Tecnai 12 at the School of Biological Sciences.

See Hugh and Urawadee with their prizes in the BIRU Library.

Light microscopy


Anusha Dravid

School of Pharmacy

“Solar Power”

iPSC-differentiated spinal motor neuron neurosphere treated with a neurotrophic growth factor and labelled for the neuronal marker bIII-tubulin Acquired using the EVOS® FL Cell Imaging System (20x objective) and pseudo-coloured using Adobe Photoshop.

See Anusha receiving her award for Light Microscopy from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey...

Visualisation and analysis


Maryam Tayebi

Auckland Bioengineering Institute

“Open Mind“

This diffusion MR image was taken by GE 3T SIGNA MRI scanner at Matai Research Institute.

If you open your mind, you will see the light shining inside it...

See Maryam receiving her prize for Visualisation and Analysis from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey.