Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Image competition results 2018 - winners

The award winners were announced at the end of year Research Celebration on Thursday 29 November.

To view larger versions of the winning images, click on the smaller versions below.

Confocal microscopy category & trophy winner for 2018


Shelly Lin
Department of Physiology

Spiral ganglion neurons

Healthy spiral ganglion neuron population in a developing Wistar rat cochlea. The cochlear whole mount tissue was labelled with βIII­-tubulin and imaged with the Olympus FV1000 live cell confocal microscope.

See Shelly receiving her prize from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey...

Electron microscopy


Cath Gray

Anatomical Pathology, LabPlus

Tiki Butterfly

An unmyelinated axon in a nerve specimen.

See Cath receiving her prize from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey..

Light microscopy


Annika Winbo

Research Fellow

Department of Physiology & Paediatric Cardiology, ADHB


Human sympathetic neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells – 20x magnification.

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Visualisation and analysis


Catherine Tian, Salim Ismail, Jane McGhee and Trevor Sherwin

Department of Ophthalmology

Battle of the sexes

Corneal stem-cell enriched spheres derived from male and female donor tissue show a different migratory response to a collagen-coated surface as the cells jockey for position along the surface. Time lapse images taken with the Nikon BioStation. Individual video points assembled using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Check out the prize-winning movie...

See Salim receiving the prize from BIRU Director Dr Gus Grey...