Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Image competition results - 2013

Visualisation and Analysis category and trophy winner


Corin Gardiner

School of Biological Sciences

Orthographic projection of the carapace of a Cyclopoid copepod. Ventral view

The image was acquired on the Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope and rendered using Amira.

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Confocal microscopy winner


Kathryn Jones
Neural Repair and Neurogenesis Group, Department of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology/Centre for Brain Research

Human skin cells are transformed into functional neurons.

This image shows induced neural progenitor cells (yellow) and immature neurons (blue) that have been reprogrammed from human skin.

Imaged on the Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope.

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Electron microscopy winner


Linda Graham


Terminal Junction = renal proximal tubule junctional complexes

Imaged on the Tecnai G2 Spirit Twin electron microscope.

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Light microscopy winner


Salim Ismail, Jane McGhee, Trevor Sherwin
Department of Ophthalmology

Show your true colours.

FUCCI (Fluorescence Ubiquitination Cell Cycle Indicator) transduced corneal cells indicate their stage of the cell cycle as they migrate out from a central sphere. Red indicates G1 of the cell cycle, Green indicates S/G2/M stages of the cell cycle and yellow indicates cells in the G1 to S transition. Imaged using the FLOID Cell Imaging Station, fluorescence channel images overlaid using Adobe Photoshop

Equipment: FLOID Cell Imaging Station; Adobe Photoshop

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