Hilary Holloway retires after almost 50 years!

29 March 2019

Hilary demonstrates the use of transmission electron microscopy to Brain Bee Challenge students

Hilary Holloway retired from the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit at The University of Auckland at the end of March this year. She initially joined the Department of Anatomy in the 1970 working with Dr Denis Boshier. After leaving to travel through South America, she later returned and took charge of the transmission electron microscope. She was later appointed as the Departmental Manager.

Following restructuring, Hilary decided to return to her love of research and microscopy full time and was a founding member of the BIRU working with Dr Colin Green and supporting both transmission electron microscopy and the new Leica TCS 4D confocal  microscope. Hilary supported many graduate students and researchers during her time in the BIRU and contributed to a number of publications. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge will be sorely missed.