Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Mailing list

This is a distribution list for people who are using the facilities in the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit (BIRU) or who are interested in biomedical imaging.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe.

The purpose of the mailing list is to:

  • allow you to receive our BIRU newsletter, MicroBites
  • keep people informed about conferences, workshops, seminars, papers and websites, etc, related to biomedical imaging
  • keep people informed about new products as they become available
  • allow people to share their expertise with other researchers
  • post queries/enquiries about problems with staining/labelling, specimens, etc
  • post enquiries about image analysis, image processing, 3D volume-rendering, software, etc 
  • post requests for reagents, fluorophores, etc
  • keep people informed about new equipment or software within the BIRU.

If you have a University of Auckland email address, just click on the link below and send.

If you do not have a University of Auckland email address, we can add you to the list of subscribers if you send an email to