Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

General information

Who can use the unit?

The University of Auckland researchers and external users are welcome to use the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit and may discuss their project needs with any BIRU staff  member. Contact details for all staff can be found here. Each system also has a designated contact person listed on the equipment page.

User charges

User charges apply for the use of some equipment. A schedule of charges for University of Auckland staff and students is available here. For further information on charges or if you are from outside The University of Auckland, please contact

Equipment training

Hands-on instruction on the instruments is designed to train users to become independent operators and on-going support is available from staff in the BIRU. If you know which system you would like to use, please contact the staff member listed on the equipment page. For general information on training, please contact


Bookings for all instruments are done through our electronic booking system.

You must have completed training before you will be given authorisation to book any of the systems. All enquiries about the booking system should be addressed to Ratish.