Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Nikon TE2000E inverted fluorescence microscope


  • Nikon Digital Sight DS-Ri2 CMOS sensor colour camera
  • Photometrics Evolve EMCCD camera (monochrome) - see tutorial
  • Basler ace USB3 Camera acA1920-155um, Mono, 1920 x 1200 pixels - for high speed imaging


  • Brightfield microscopy
  • Phase contrast microscopy
  • Hoffman modulation contrast
  • Differential interference contrast
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Time-lapse live cell/tissue imaging
  • Fluxion BioFlux 200 available for use with the microscope - enables application of shear stress to cells. For more information...


  • NIS Elements AR (Advanced Research) - includes 6D (6 dimensional imaging), EDF (Extended depth of focus) modules
  • Free NIS Elements Viewer for Windows or Mac downloadable from here


  • Motorised microscope stand: focus (z stage), shutters, objective turret and filter wheel + Prior Proscan II motorised XY stage 
  • Ludl shutters for fluorescence and transmitted light
  • Ludl motorised exciter filter wheel - filters for Fura2, CFP/YFP FRET setup, ND filters (80%, 63%, 50%, 25%)
  • Filter sets: Semrock zero pixel shift filters: DAPI, FITC, GFP, Texas Red, Fura2, CFP/YFP FRET set-up
  • Objectives: brightfield/fluorescence (4x/0.2 NA), phase contrast/fluorescence (10x/0.3 NA, 20x/0.45 NA, 40x/0.6 NA), Hoffmann modulation contrast (20x/0.25 NA, 40x/0.4 NA), brightfield/fluorescence/DIC (40x/1.3 NA oil immersion & 60x/1.25NA oil immersion), 20x/0.75 NA multi-immersion, 60x/1.27 NA water immersion (coverslip adjustment), 60x/0.7 NA ELWD dry
  • Solent incubation system (heating and 5% carbon dioxide in air) for live cell/tissue imaging

Video tutorials

Workhead for 35mm petri dishes


Workhead for multiwell plates


Funded by

  • The University of Auckland
  • The Genesis Oncology Trust

Room extension number

  • 82227

Equipment charges - users from The University of Auckland

  • $11.87 per hour for standard use
  • $6.78 per hour for time-lapse imaging after 4 hours of use

Contact person

Jacqueline Ross

Lead Technologist, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 7438 or Ext 87438