Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer


  • MALDI imaging
  • Manual or automated standard MALDI analysis
  • MS/MS analysis
  • Post-translational modification analysis
  • Polymer analysis


  • 2 kHz Smartbeam IITM UV MALDI laser
  • 10 micrometer laser beam size for MALDI imaging without pixel overlap
  • MS/MS analysis at 1 kHz laser repetition rate
  • Wide mass range resolving power up to 40,000 due to PANTM Technology
  • FlashDetector TM for 1 ppm mass accuracy
  • Automated source cleaning with IR laser

Bruker UltrafleXtreme MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer


  • flexAnalysisTM for spectral processing and peak detection
  • BioToolsTM for interpretation of MS and MS/MS spectra of protein digests or peptides
  • flexImagingTM 4.1 for MALDI imaging data collection and image production
  • SCiLS Lab (2D) advanced software for statistical analysis of MALDI imaging data
  • Biotyper Microbial Identification system

Ancillary equipment

  • Vacuum sublimation apparatus for MALDI imaging matrix application
  • HTX Technologies TM-SprayerTM for MALDI imaging matrix application

Funded by

School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Auckland 

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Richard Yulo

Senior Technologist, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 7831 or Ext 87831


Gus Grey

Senior Research Fellow, Physiology


Telephone: 923 3174 or Ext 83174