Small animal imaging

Spectral Instruments Imaging AMI HTX small animal optical imager


AMI HTX small animal imager

Acquisition modes

  • Photographic
  • Fluorescence
  • Luminescence
  • X-ray

Link7 anaesthesia system

  • Anaesthetic – Isoflurane with oxygen as a carrier
  • Active scavenging to reduce user inhalation

Animal Manifolds

  • Five chambered mice manifold
  • Single chamber rat manifold


  • Heated
  • Four height levels from the detector
  • Maximum field of view 25cm x 17cm


  • Air-cooled -90°C charge coupled device (CCD) camera with a back-illuminated sensor


  • 50 mm, F/1.2 min, F/16 max.


  • LED light engine - 10 excitation wavelengths; details below
  • Spectral Instruments Imaging Calibration Device (SIICD) available


The image at the top right-hand side shows the AMI HTX small animal optical imager. The image at the bottom is the Link7 anaesthesia system.

Fluorescence filter sets



430nm 530nm
465nm 550nm
500nm 570nm
535nm 590nm
570nm 610nm
605nm 630nm
640nm 690nm
675nm 750nm
710nm 790nm
745nm 810nm

Additional optional filters

650nm, 670nm, 770nm


Funded by

School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, the University of Auckland

Equipment charges - users from the University of Auckland

For users from the University of Auckland

  • $65.00 per hour; half hour minimum booking
  • Booking system - Outlook calendar
  • Authority to book provided after training has been completed

Additional information

Room number


Induction requirements

The system is located inside a PC2 laboratory so a specific induction is required prior to use.

Animal ethics applications

The room number must be included in all animal ethics applications in order to be able to bring the animals into the room.

An Institutional Drug Administration Order (IDAO) is required for isoflurane usage with animals.


Contact person

Shabihah Shahrudin 

Technician, Technical Services


Phone extension: 8448