Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro XLS

High content screening system

  • Fast automated acquisition
  • Automated customised analysis routines
  • Hardware (laser-based) autofocus capability
  • Software (image-based) focusing capability
  • Multi-well plates up to 1536 wells
  • Chamber slides
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Brightfield imaging
  • Phase contrast imaging (20x only)
  • Live cell imaging - multi-site, multi-wavelength
  • Z series
  • Tile-scanning


Camera - Andor Zyla CMOS

Objective lenses

  • 2x/0.1 NA CFI Plan Apochromat
  • 4x/0.2 NA S Fluor
  • 10x/0.3 NA Plan Fluor
  • 20x/0.45 NA CFI Super Plan Fluor ELWD ADM (phase contrast)
  • 40x/0.6 NA S Plan Fluor ELWD

Three slide holder - for chamber slides

Environmental control - heating and carbon dioxide gas supply

Light sources

  • Lumencor Spectra X configurable light engine - fluorescence imaging (filter specifications below)
  • 100 W Halogen lamp - transmitted light


Excitation and emission filters

List of excitation and emission filters for Molecular Devices ImageXpress High Content Screening system (69.9 kB, PDF)

Software and application modules

MetaXpress, Custom Module Editor, Autoquant deconvolution

Application modules - Angiogenesis • Cell Cycle • Cell Health • Live/Dead • Multiwavelength Cell Scoring • Neurite Outgrowth • Transfluor • Translocation • Multi Wavelength Translocation • Micronuclei • Granularity

Documentation from Molecular Devices is available for University of Auckland staff/students here. Please note that this is a secure page and these files should not be shared without permission from a BIRU staff member.


Specimen requirements

The IXM microscope stage requires plates to have a base footprint of 128mm x 86mm, with at least 3 square corners present. Please check that your plate meets these requirements.

Please note - the NUNC 142475 24 well plate and the NUNC 150628 12 well plate do not fit the stage so cannot be used as three of the corners are cut off.

Funded by

School of Medical Sciences, University of Auckland


Room extension number



Equipment charges - users from The University of Auckland

$94.98 per hour

Contact person

Richard Yulo

Senior Technologist/Technical Manager, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 7831 or Ext 87831