Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Zeiss LSM 710 inverted confocal microscope


  • Lasers: 405nm diode, Argon, diode-pumped solid state (561nm), Helium-Neon (633nm)
  • Excitation wavelengths: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm
  • Modes: xy, xyz, xz, xt, xyt, lambda
  • Detectors: 1 spectral, 2 variable band pass, 1 transmitted light
  • Sequential and online unmixing
  • Resolution: up to 6144  x 6144 pixel resolution
  • Objectives: Dry (5x/0.16 NA, 10x/0.45 NA, 20x/0.8 NA), Water (25x/0.8 NA, 40x/1.1 NA), Oil (25x/0.8 NA, 40x/1.3 NA, 63x/1.4 NA), Glycerol (25x/0.8 NA, 63x/1.3 NA), Silicone oil (63x/1.3 NA)
  • Differential interference contrast optics
  • Motorised XY stage: tile scanning - StitchArt Plus

Stage-top incubator

Stage-top incubator - whole system

The stage-top incubator provides heating from ambient temperature, ie 22 degrees - 60 degrees Celsius with carbon dioxide regulation.

The incubation system is controllable via the microscope's TFT interface.

A number of stage inserts are available including Petri dish, 6 well plate, 12 well plate, 48 well plate and 96 well plate.

A holder for chamber slides is also provided.

There are objective heaters for the 40x/1.1 NA water immersion objective and the 63x/1.4 NA oil immersion objective. Objective heaters are not required for dry objective lenses.

Multipoint imaging is possible.

What heating insert can I use?

Heating inserts for the stage-top incubator (175.0 kB, PDF)


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Funded by

  • School of Medicine Foundation
  • The University of Auckland

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