School of Medical Sciences

Zeiss LSM 710 launch

Official launch of the Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope

The arrival and installation of the new confocal microscope was celebrated with a launch party on Tuesday 19 August, 2008 in Cafe 85 at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Staff members from around the University and visitors from the The University of Otago, HortResearch and Fonterra, joined in the celebrations. The event was co-sponsored by Carl Zeiss Australia.

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BIRU Director Associate Professor Alistair Young opens the official proceedings.


Dr John Matthews (Chair of the School of Medicine Foundation), Professor Jane Harding (DVC Research) and Professor Bruce Baguley (Auckland Cancer Society Research Laboratories).


Dr Stephan Kuppig (at left in photo above), from Carl Zeiss MicroImaging in Germany, was here for a week introducing the new confocal microscope and demonstrating its strengths and capabilities to research groups together with Gavin Symonds (at right), from Carl Zeiss Australia.


Professor John Fraser, Head of the School of Medical Science, addresses the crowd.


Professor Alistair Gunn (Head of Department, Physiology), and Associate Professor Alistair Young (BIRU Director).



Dr John Matthews, Chair of the School of Medicine Foundation, takes a look down the new microscope under the supervision of Associate Professor Alistair Young, BIRU Director.

Installation of the Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope

The system is the latest technology from Carl Zeiss and was just launched in 2008. Our machine is the first to be installed in Australasia and one of the first in the world. The image to the left below shows the boxes containing the new machine sitting on our loading dock. The image to the right shows David Dryden and Tony Woo from Carl Zeiss, unpacking the laser crate.


The new confocal system is based on aninverted microscope stand, the Axio-Observer.

Specifications of the new system.

To read about the new technology offered by this new release from Zeiss, visit this site: