Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

Zeiss LSM 800 Airyscan confocal microscope



Microscope stand - Axio Observer 7 inverted microscope

Contrast technique - differential interference contrast (DIC) for all objective lenses.

Fluorescence light source - Colibri 7 LED; filter sets 90 HE LED, 91 HE LED, DAPI/Texas Red

Objective lenses - 10x/0.45 NA, Plan Apochromat, 20x/0.8 NA Plan Apochromat, 40x/1.3 NA Plan Apochromat oil immersion, 63x/1.4 NA Plan Apochromat oil immersion

Lasers - excitation wavelengths 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm

Detectors - 2 x GaAsp-PMT detectors, 1 x Airyscan module, 1 x transmission

Other options - Marzhauser motorised XY stage for tile-scanning and multi-position imaging.



  • ZEN 2.6
  • ZEN Knowledge Base - useful video guides to how to use the system, particularly for tile-scanning/stitching capabilities.

Room extension number


Equipment charges - users from The University of Auckland

$71.23 per hour

Contact person

Jacqueline Ross

Lead Technologist, Technical Services


Telephone: 923 7438 or Ext 87438