Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

New GaAsP detectors for Olympus FV1000 Live Cell Imaging system

A decision was taken last year to upgrade the Olympus Live Cell Imaging confocal microscope with more sensitive GaAsP detectors. Although this system is older than the other Olympus FV1000 confocal microscope, it is mainly used for live cell imaging. This means that laser power and scan speed (laser dwell time) need to be kept low in order to allow time-lapse imaging over long periods of time without having adverse effects on the cells/tissues/embryos. Compromises also often have to be made to achieve the necessary temporal resolution.

The much anticipated GaAsP detectors will allow even lower laser powers to be used with improved signal-to-noise. Users are looking forward to the installation which is due in December 2017. The long lead time is due to the requirement to individually fabricate the detectors for our system. This confocal microscope has a wide range of objective lenses including a 10x Scaleview lens specialised for visualising optically cleared specimens. This objective lens has an NA of 0.6 with a working distance of 8mm!