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Medicine Reflections book launch From left to right: Prof Warwick Bagg, Dr Jill Yielder, Dr Sharyn Esteves, Dr Tanisha Jowsey and Prof Helen Sword

Staff and students attended the book launch of 'Medicine Reflections'. Click this link to view photo gallery from this event  

The Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) staff contribute towards a number of educational development activities involving staff and students in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and the wider University. 


Prepared to care

An ethnographic documentary by Dr Tanisha Jowsey

Interprofessional education forum

An opportunity to present evidence of the benefits of Interprofessional Education (IPE) from new and established projects.

Recent activities

Members of staff from CMHSE regularly attend conferences and other events where they run workshops and present research. 

Research seminars

Research undertaken by staff from CMHSE, FMHS and other universities and organisations is presented in the centre's monthly lunchtime research seminar series.

Annual Postgraduate Student Research Seminar  

This annual event is a great opportunity for current CMHSE Masters and PhD students to present their research and research proposals to peers and receive constructive feedback.

CMHSE seminars - visual media

Selected videos of presentations within CMHSE.   

Future Events

Research Seminar Series
Monday 20 May 2019, 12-1.30pm Room 503-122, Grafton Campus

‘Thinking-Aloud’ methodology to explain radiographer decision making

Mrs Rhonda-Joy Sweeney
Professional Teaching Fellow, Anatomy and Medical Imaging, The University of Auckland

I will present part of my PhD mixed methodology research design, a Think- Aloud study to provide verbal protocols as data. Production of quality images and subsequent image quality evaluation are key responsibilities of a radiographer (medical imaging technologist). Australian and New Zealand mammographic radiographers were tasked to ‘Think-Aloud’ during the process of problem solving and decision making. Insight has thus been provided into previously unknown radiographer cognitive processes of image evaluation, within a mammography setting.

Hong Kong and New Zealand medical students in their first year of study: Motivation strategies, quality of life and competitiveness comparisons.

Dr Marcus Henning
Associate Professor, CMHSE, The University of Auckland

Considerable research has investigated the wellbeing status of medical students; however few comparative studies are conducted across national regions. In our two-site research study, we compared the quality of life and learning experiences of learning experiences of first year medical students studying in New Zealand (intending) and Hong Kong (confirmed). Differences
between the two sites on the four quality of life and learning measures will be discussed.

12–12.30pm – light lunch and networking
12.30–1.30pm – Seminar presentations

If you are interested in presenting at one of our monthly seminars please email your idea to: Yan Chen yan.chen@auckland.ac.nz

RSVP to Doreen Presnall d.presnall@auckland.ac.nz 




Distinguished International visitor at CMHSE


Prof. Mary Dixon-Woods

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods is the Director of the Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute, UK, Rand Professor of Health Services Research, University of Cambridge and honorary Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University. She leads a programme of research focused on ethics, healthcare improvement, and methodological innovation in the study of healthcare. Professor Dixon-Woods’s lectures are world-class – engaging, entertaining, articulate and thought-provoking.



Monday 12th August – 12-1.30pm Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) Seminar Series lecture, Rm 503-020

Topic: Making it safe to make care safe: the importance of voice and how to encourage it

This lecture will explain the role of voice in healthcare organisations, showing how it is essential to improving safety. It will present recent evidence on how to support formal and informal exercise of voice, including speaking out to peers and up through hierarchies.

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Tuesday 13th August – 5-6pm, Tamaki Campus Rm 730-220

Topic: Getting better at getting better: the role of evidence in improving healthcare

Evidence of the effectiveness of many widely-advocated approaches to improving quality and safety in healthcare has remained very mixed. This session will explore some of the reasons for the challenges and identifies what needs to happen to improve improvement.


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Friday 16th August – Clinical Education Centre (CEC) lecture room, Auckland City Hospital, 1-3pm* Coffee/snacks followed by 1 hour lecture slot

Topic: How to do the best with what you have: engineering systems and culture in improving healthcare

This lecture will examine some of the most stubborn and frustrating challenges for healthcare organisations relating culture and systems. Offering an analysis of the accountability of systems versus individuals, it will show the importance of sound management practices, explain the centrality of collective competence, and offer suggestions on how to structure improvement efforts.



Interprofessional Education Showcase

Friday 22 November 2019

University of Auckland, Grafton Campus
This free, biennial forum is a well-attended event and an
excellent opportunity to network within the IPE research community.

Theme for 2019: Valuing Interprofessional Education - student, organisational and employer perspectives
A light lunch, morning and afternoon teas are provided for all attendees – so please register your interest to attend for catering purposes, even if you do not wish to present.

For presenters, please submit an abstract of up to 250 words by 7 October 2019, with a title, presenter’s name and institution by email to Craig Webster. Not all submitted abstracts may be accepted for presentation.

Enquiries and submissions to: Assoc. Prof. Craig Webster Email: c.webster@auckland.ac.nz

Phone: 09 923 6525