Our teaching and learning

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Our teaching and learning

Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education 

Teaching Philosophy

The Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) is committed to increasing the number of qualified clinical educators in the workplace. Having qualified clinical educators in the workplace is critical to maintaining high quality graduates in medical and health sciences professions. CMHSE's programmes support the educational needs of health professionals who are actively engaged in teaching undergraduate and/or postgraduate students in the clinical context. Our programmes are multidisciplinary across medicine, nursing, pharmacy and allied health profession. 

We aim to equip learners with an understanding of how to design, run, assess, and evaluate courses that are relevant to the clinical environment. We aim to support learners to develop their teaching skills in line with the current best practice.

The success of CMHSE's programmes rests on our learner-centred pedagogical philosophy. We take account of the needs of busy clinicians who are balancing their clinical workloads with personal academic goals. Course delivery is predominantly online, using flexible delivery methods to enable students to progress through the courses in their own time. We promote learner engagement through online group activities and face-to-face workshops, and ensuring assignments are relevant to learner's own teaching practices.

(updated August 2019)

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For general information about postgraduate study at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences or information on admission and enrolment, fees, financial assistance, scholarships and key dates please visit the faculty's postgraduate study page.

Postgraduate Qualifications in Clinical Education

The programmes are of particular relevance to health professionals involved in delivering medical undergraduate or specialist training programmes. They have a high degree of relevance to workplace practice, hence course assignments are work based. They aim at providing the opportunity for clinical teachers to become excellent educators and researchers in the field.

The programmes are multi-disciplinary and offer a range of courses on topics including the core principles of educational theory, curriculum planning, clinical teaching, simulation, interprofessional and small group learning, evaluation and assessment and e-learning.

Postgraduate qualifications available are as follows:

The following CLINED courses for these programmes are available online, allowing students flexibility to study in their own time, full-time or part-time.

CLINED 707 Advanced Studies in Clinical Education 

CLINED 710 Special Studies 

CLINED 715 Clinical Teaching

CLINED 719 Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Settings

CLINED 716 Assessing Clinical Performance

CLINED 712 Curriculum and Course Design

CLINED 703 Learning in Small Groups

CLINED 706 Interprofessional Learning, Teamwork and Patient Safety

CLINED 711 E-learning and Clinical Education

CLINED 713 Clinical Supervision

CLINED 705 Simulation and Clinical Skills Teaching

CLINED 797 A & B Research Portfolio

CLINED 717 - Special Topic 15 points

CLINED 718 - Special Topic 15 points

CLINED 790 & 790 A & B Dissertation

CLINED 796 A & B Thesis



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Clinical Education Postgraduate Courses 2019 - Revised

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CMHSE Masters Contract
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For postgraduate supervision

Doctoral studies in Medical and Health Sciences Education

CMHSE offers doctoral and masters research degrees from a diverse range of research projects.

CMHSE also provides support for doctoral research students who are conducting their studies in the areas of clinical and health professional education.

The detailed information about programmes, researchers and admission requirements can be found in doctoral studies page.

Potential doctoral students are encouraged to contact individual CMHSE academics (see above) to discuss ideas further.