Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

The Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education

The Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) is a hub for educational research and scholarship within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, working across the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Population Health to promote excellence in teaching and learning.     

The CMHSE Team 2017

The CMHSE office is located in building 599 (level 12, room .025) at Auckland City Hospital - adjacent to the Auckland Medical School on Park Road, Grafton, Auckland.

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Distinguised International Visitor at CMHSE

Professor Mary Dixon-Woods FMedSci

is the Health Foundation Professor of Healthcare Improvement Studies and Director of THIS Institute at the University of Cambridge, and is Co-Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Quality and Safety. She leads a programme of research focused on generating an evidence base for improving quality and safety healthcare.


LECTURE 1: Monday 12th August – 12-1.30pm Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education (CMHSE) Seminar Series lecture, Rm 503-020

TOPIC: Making it safe to make care safe: the importance of voice and how to encourage it 


LECTURE 2: Tuesday 13th August – 5-6pm, Tāmaki Campus Room 730-220

TOPIC: Getting better at getting better: the role of evidence in improving healthcare


LECTURE 3: Friday 16th August – Clinical Education Centre (CEC) lecture room, Auckland City Hospital, 1-3pm* Coffee/snacks followed by, 1 hour lecture slot

TOPIC: How to do the best with what you have: engineering systems and culture in improving healthcare

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Interprofessional Education Showcase

Friday 22 November 2019

University of Auckland, Grafton Campus

This is a free biennial forum 

Theme for 2019: Valuing Interprofessional Education - student, organisational and employer perspectives

For presenters, please submit an abstract
of up to 250 words by 7 October 2019, with a title, presenter’s name and institution 

Enquiries and submissions to: Assoc. Prof. Craig Webster Email: c.webster@auckland.ac.nz Phone: 09 923 6525

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Prepared to Care - An ethnographic documentary by Dr Tanisha Jowsey. How are health care professional students – pharmacy, medicine and nursing – learning to manage the tough aspects of patient care? This ethnographic film documents their experiences in one powerful training initiative: Urgent and Immediate Patient Care Week -