Our students


Current Students  

Name Degree Thesis title (provisional)


Samantha White PhD Workforce development: The efficacy of the Postgraduate Alcohol and Drug teaching in Health Sciences. Marcus Henning, Peter Huggard
Henrietta Lee PhD A multidisciplinary perspective of effective communication in the operating room Jennifer Weller, Alan Merry
Rachel Care Masters Surgical trainees attitudes to work based assessments Jenny Weller
Sanjeev Krishna Masters   Improving the surgical clerkship learning environment: Feeding back to the teachers          Wendy Yu
Tracey Barnes Masters Do New Zealand Undergraduate Medical Students and First Year Doctors feel prepared for the transition to become leaders of clinical teams? Craig Webster, Wendy Yu
Colette Adrian Masters The perceptions of students engaging in small group activities in a Bachelor of Nursing Degree Andrea Thompson, Marcus Henning


Recent Graduates



Thesis title


Derryn Gargiulo PhD Administration of intravenous drugs during anaesthesia: a potential contribution to postoperative infection Alan Merry, Janie Sheridan & Craig Webster
Colleen Murphy Masters Utilising an audit tool to identify the opportunities within a clinical learning environment, for student nurses in a hospital setting in New Zealand Andrea Thompson, Louise Carracun-Wood
Desiree Mulders Masters Radiology educational strategies in the undergraduate medical educational curriculum from 2005 to 2015: A systematic review Andrea Thompson, Wendy Yu
Jules Schofield Masters Goal setting for Emergency Medicine Trainees in Mini-CEX Rain Lamdin, Andrea Thompson
Gail Foster Masters Pre-registration nursing students and learning via a satellite campus in New Zealand - the lived experience. Tanisha Jowsey, Stephen Jacobs
Ivana Nakarada-Kordic PhD Development and Validation of a New Card Sort Concept Mapping Tool for the Measurement of Team Mental Models in Multidisciplinary Operating Theatre Teams Jennifer Weller, Craig Webster & Alan Merry
Judy Ormandy Masters Breaking down the barriers to midwife and medical student encounters on delivery suite: experiences in a New Zealand setting Craig Webster, Wendy Yu
Linda Jackson Masters In-service nurse education and knowledge transfer: embarking on research Tanisha Jowsey, Michelle Honey
Liyan Huang Masters Understanding possible differences in cognitive load in anaesthetists using two models of anaesthetic machine. Craig Webster
Ali Al-Mansour PhD The effect of joint commission international (JCI) on health care quality: empirical evidence from Saudi hospitals Jennifer Weller, Alan Merry