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Postgraduate teaching in the Department of Anaesthesiology

The department provides two masters level papers which are run in the Department of Anaesthesiology at the Mercy Campus. These are:

The department also offers special topic papers. If you are interested in these please contact Dr Guy Warman at

Postgraduate research

Masters and PhD students are currently working under the supervision of staff in the department. The research being conducted by postgraduate students ranges from clinical studies of the effects of drugs used during anaesthesia through to investigation of the performance of anaesthetists and the modelling of the EEG and sleep.

Currently, we have the following postgraduate students working with us, or under our joint supervision.

  • Mr Grant Cave is investigating establishing and augmenting the mechanism of action of intravenous lipid emulsion as an antidote.
  • Dr Daniel Chiang is looking at the genetic and epigenetic influences on pain after breast cancer surgery.
  • Ms Amy Gaskell is investigating electroencephalographic markers of behavioural responsiveness during anaesthesia.
  • Mr Ghazwan Jabur is looking at whether gaseous microemboli alter cerebral autoregulation during clinical cardiopulmonary bypass.
  • Ms Dongni Li is investigating the characterising the effects of anaesthesia on circadian clock gene expression in Drosophila.
  • Ms Alma Orts-Sebastian is investigating the effect of general anaesthesia on murine circadian rhythms.
  • Dr Ronald Trubuhovich is looking at The Antecedents and origins of the medical speciality of Intensive Care/Critical Care Medicine.  
  • Mr Xavier Vrijdag is investigating Gas narcosis in hyperbaric environments.
  • Ms Jia Zhao is investigating the pre-adult development and age-related decline of the circadian clock in Drosophila.

Recently completed degrees from the department include:

  • PhD of Dr Nicola Ludin: Can strong light rescue the phase shifting effect of general anaesthesia?
  • PhD of Dr Derryn Gargiulo: Contamination of intravenous drugs in perioperative anaesthesia.
  • PhD of Dr Darren Hight: The clinical and non-clinical utility of the electroencephalogram (EEG) during emergence from general anaesthesia.
  • PhD Dr Michael Fredrickson: Ultrasound-Guided Continuous Brachial Plexus Block for Ambulatory Analgesia after Shoulder Surgery.
  • PhD of Dr Jacqueline Hannam: Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modelling to Advance Perioperative Anaesthesia and Analgesia.
  • PhD of Dr Anisoara Jardim: An Investigation into Morning Light Therapy, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep-Wake Cycles in Postoperative Cardiac Patients.
  • PhD of Dr Eva Winnebeck: The Effect of General Anaesthesia on the Circadian Clock of the Honey Bee Apis mellifera.
  • MD of Dr Paul Baker: Improving the Quality and Safety of Airway Management and the MSc theses of Mr Lee Blackburn Aspects of Clonidine in Paediatric Anaesthesia.
  • MSc of Ms Kerry De Villers: Post-Operative Sleep and Circadian Disturbances in Elective Kidney Donor Patients.
  • MSc of Ms Andrea Pillay: Determining the underlying mechanism causing daily variation in the action of the neuromuscular blocker Rocuronium. 

If you are interested in conducting a research project with us please contact the department's Postgraduate Adviser Dr Guy Warman at or Dr James Cheeseman at

You can view a list of our research projects at

Potential supervisors/co-supervisors for research projects

Primary Investigator    Research Interests
Professor Simon Mitchell (HoD) Diving and hyperbaric medicine; the WHO Safe Surgical Checklist; brain injury prevention
during cardiac surgery
Dr Paul Baker Airway management; paediatrics; emergency surgical airways; education; simulation
Professor Brian Anderson Paediatric pharmacology; paracetamol; NSAIDs; analgesics; optimising dose strategies in neonates and children
Dr James Cheeseman The effect of anaesthesia on the circadian clock using the mouse, and invertebrate models, Drosophila and the honey bee
Dr David Cumin Human factors; mathematical modelling; data mining; simulation
Dr Jacqueline Hannam Pharmacology of anaesthetics and analgesics; optimising dosing in children and adults; the WHO Safe Surgical Checklist; patient safety
Professor Alan Merry Human factors; medication errors; quality and safety in anaesthesia; the law as it relates to negligence; pharmacology in cardiac anaesthesia; simulation

Professor Jamie Sleigh (Waikato)

Dr Logan Voss (Waikato)

Mechanisms of general anaesthesia; the EEG in association with anaesthesia and pain; physics of sleep cycles

Breath analysis of volatile compounds for differentiation of sepsis and SIRS in intensive care patients and Isolated cerebral cortical slice electrophysiology

Dr Guy Warman Chronobiology and the interplay between sleep, anaesthesia and circadian rhythm