School of Medicine

Teaching in the Department of Anaesthesiology

Members of the department are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of:

  • Airway management
  • Anaesthesia, intensive care, peri-operative medicine (including acute pain management), chronic pain management and resuscitation
  • Circadian biology and animal behaviour, fatigue, performance and implications of shift work
  • Diving and hyperbaric medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Safety and quality in healthcare and related medico legal issues

Information and resources for undergraduate courses

Please contact Dr Magdi Moharib for any undergraduate enquiries

NOTE: The Department of Anaesthesiology is responsible for organising the Quality and Safety Teaching Week (each year) for all third year Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy students. For more information contact Dr David Cumin, Department of Anaesthesiology at

Information and resources for postgraduate courses