School of Medical Sciences

Administration process for masters research projects

Before your enrolment can be approved, you will be required to have identified a thesis research topic and to have come to an agreement with an academic staff member about supervision of your thesis research.

This process is for students enrolling in: MBiomedSc (MEDSCI 796A/B), MSc in Physiology (PHYSIOL 796A/B), MSc in Pharmacology (PHARMCOL 796A/B) with a main supervisor in School of Medical Science, School of Medicine, Liggins Institute or School of Biological Sciences.

  • Select a project of interest and arrange to see the supervisor offering a project visit research projects page Finda Thesis.
  • When you meet the supervisor take your academic record and your CV.
  • Apply for admission in the appropriate programme.
  • The student and supervisor should then prepare together a masters project proposal form (see below) and submit this to the Masters Advisory Commitee.
  • A mid year progress report is also required to be submitted to the SMS- Masters Advisory Committee.
Master project proposal form
Master project proposal form (60.1 kB, MSWORD)
Masters progress report form
(57.0 kB, MSWORD)

Deadlines for submission of the proposal and progress report are:

Semester 1 enrolment- proposal due 31 January*, progress report due 30 August

Semester 2 enrolment- proposal due 15 June*, progress report due 31 January

December enrolment- proposal due 31 October*, progress report due 30 April

* Any difficulties meeting this deadline please contact Virginia Moraes

Completed and signed forms of Masters Project Proposal and Progress Report should be submitted to:

Further information on Project Proposals and Progress Reports please contact the Chair of the Masters Advisory committee.

Chair to the Masters Advisory Committee

Submission of masters thesis

Masters thesis submission

Students will need to submit three temporary-bound copies of their work and a digital copy to their faculty student centre. Deadlines for submission are as follows:

First semester enrolment- 28 February

Second Semester enrolment- 15 July

December enrolment- 30 November

Faculty student centres will manage the examination process for masters thesis and research portfolios.

Students will be sent the substantive comments that their examiners have made, and thesis candidates will be able to make minor corrections to their work before having their thesis hard-bound and deposited in the University library.

All questions regarding this process should be made at the appropriate faculty student centre MBiomedSc (FMHS) and MSc (FoS).