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Courses offered by the School of Medical Sciences


Approx. %


A+ 90-100

Work of high to exceptionally high quality showing excellent knowledge and understanding of subject matter and appreciation of issues; well formulated arguments based on strong and sustained evidence; diagrams, graphs and tables, etc included where appropriate; relevant literature referenced; clear evidence of high levels of creative ability, originality and critical thinking; excellent communication and presentation skills.

A 85-89
A- 80-84
B+ 75-79

Work showing good to strong grasp of subject matter and understanding of major issues though not necessarily of the finer points; arguments clearly developed and based on convincing evidence; relevant literature referenced; some evidence of creative ability, originality and critical thinking; good communication and presentation skills.

B 70-74
B- 65-69
C+ 60-64

Work showing a knowledge of subject matter and appreciation of main issues though possibly with some lapses and inadequacies; arguments developed and supported by some evidence and references; creative ability, originality and critical thinking present but limited; adequate communication and presentation skills. C- represents a bare pass in which the candidate demonstrates limited but nonetheless adequate understanding of the material.

C 55-59
C- 50-54
D+ 45-49

Work lacking breadth and depth. Work generally has gaps. Frequently work of this grade takes a simple factual approach and understanding and coverage of material is inadequate; does not attempt to interpret the material; at the lower end, indicates a need for considerable effort to achieve improvement; communication and presentation skills are poor. D+ represents a marginal result in which there are evident (and important) lapses of understanding.

D 40-44
D- 0-39

Highly unsatisfactory. Work shows a lack of knowledge about and understanding of the topic. Inadequate in degree of relevance, sometimes completeness, sometimes both. Communication and presentation skills are weak.