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Frequently asked questions about PG study

The bachelors honours degree is typically available for students already within the UG bachelors degree. Students who achieve a GPA of 6.5 in six stage III courses from the BSc (Biomedical Science) schedule are eligible to apply for entry into honours. Further information about the honours degree can be found on


Masters degree programme

We usually require students to first register in a 120 point (1 year) postgraduate diploma (PGDip) of taught courses (PGDipBiomedSc). If suitable grades are achieved (GPA>5.0) the student can then apply for entry into a 1 year MBiomedSc research masters thesis (subject to finding a suitable supervisor/project). In the final semester of the PGDip there is a compulsory course (MEDSCI 744) and this is when we aim to match up a student with a potential supervisor.

The details of the available taught courses in the first year (PGDip) of biomedical science are shown here:

We recommend a minimum GPA of 5.0 for applicants for entry into PGDipBiomedicalSc. University of Auckland applicants with a GPA of 8.0 can apply for guaranteed scholarship for MBiomedSc and PhD. 


Start dates

There are two entry dates per year for PGDip, either at the start of semester 1 (end of Feb) and start of semester 2 (late July). For further information on semester dates please visit: Partime enrolment is possible.

Start dates for the 1 year research masters thesis (120pt) are 1st Dec, start of semester 1 (end of Feb) and start of semester 2 (late July). Once your place has been confirmed you are required to complete the following form in consultation with your supervisor.


GPA/GPE requirements

The GPA/GPE for your highest qualification is used for entry eligibility into PGDip/Masters. N.B. for UoA candidates this is the PGDip (120pt) year for entry into Masters (120pt).

For external candidates there is information on this site to give you guidance about the possible GPE from your current qualifications. The following GPE calculator is useful


Application process

The process of application for entry into the PGDip/Masters programmes can be found here Once you begin this process the University will then formally assess your qualifications and grades to confirm that you are eligible for these PG programmes.


Scholarships and fees

Unfortunately scholarships for external candidates are NOT readily available and you may have to self-fund, or obtain funding from your own government.  This site gives some suggestions for scholarships, but these will be highly competitive and many are only available to NZ residents.

The current annual fees for an international student undertaking PG (PGDip/Masters) study in the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences are $41,771. Further information on fees can be found here

Guaranteed scholarships are currently available for high achieving (GPA of 8.0) University of Auckland graduates. For further information please visit.

This site gives some additional suggestions for scholarships, but these will also be highly competitive

The current annual fees for a NZ student undertaking PG study in the PGDip/Masters programme can be found here


Other subject options

Other PGDip/Masters subject options which may be of interest within our school include a Master of Science in Physiology or Pharmacology as well as a Master of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) and also PG qualifications in medical imaging.  Further information can be found here:


PhD study

Candidates with a Masters degree or a Bachelors (honours) degree with 1st class or upper second class honours are eligible for PhD study at the University of Auckland. Please note that the University does NOT recognise a 3 year Bachelors honours degree as a suitable entry criteria.

For guidance an upper second class honours classification at the University of Auckland is a B+ (GPA of 6.0). For external candidates the following GPE calculator is a useful guide

More detailed information on the entry requirements for doctoral study can be found here