School of Medical Sciences

Welcome to the School of Medical Sciences

The school is based at the Grafton Campus, and is made up of six departments and two disciplines. The departments are: Anatomy and Medical Imaging, the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre, the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit, Molecular Medicine and Pathology, Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, and Physiology. The two disciplines are Nutrition and Oncology.

The core business and greatest strength of the School of Medical Sciences is in basic biomedical research, with commitment to a strong base of international projects and innovative studies across a wide range of subjects, including more clinically related research areas.

Of note, the school has particularly strong research programmes in cancer biology and drug development, neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, genetics, infection and immunity, developmental biology, biomedical imaging and numerous smaller research groups.

Students who undertake undergraduate or postgraduate programmes gain invaluable first-hand experience from their interactions with world-class investigators in various disciplines. The research-driven learning process prepares students for a successful career in science.


Professor Paul Donaldson
Head, School of Medical Sciences