School of Medical Sciences

BBiomedSc (Hons): structure and process

The School of Medical Sciences offers the BBiomed Sci (Hons) for able students considering a postgraduate study. Admission to honours in 2017 depends on continued high-level performance in third year courses.

Programme structure

  1. Two 700-level courses relevant to your research interest completed during first or second semester (30 points), from this schedule.
  2. A single 90 points Research Thesis (see process below)

Projects listings for 2019

Process leading to the completion of your research portfolio

One year before you begin your postgraduate study:


  • Speak with possible supervisors about potential projects (see listings above).  These don’t necessarily have to be in your third year BSc (Biomedical Science) major theme.

March: Begin your honours year with compulsory orientation and induction module in the week before Semester One

April: Present your research project to your wider research group

June: Survey of the literature relating to the research project and provide a written report

October: Final oral presentation on research project

November: Written project report (dissertation) to be submitted

See also: Grade descriptors for SMS courses

2018 Bachelor of Biomedical Science Research Honours Symposium

 Image of  Lisa Mill (winner) and Prof Paul Donaldson
From left: Lisa Mill (winner) and Prof Paul Donaldson
Prize winners
Image of Catherine Webb (winner) and Prof Paul Donaldson
From left: Catherine Webb (winner) and Prof Paul Donaldson