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Bequest procedures

If you would like to register to become a donor to the Human Body Bequest Programme, please read the Information Brochure and sign the Registration Form.  It is important that you discuss your intentions with your next of kin, executor of your estate and family doctor.  It is only with the consent of your family that we are able to accept your generous donation.

The study of a donated body may take several years and with permission in some cases selected tissue may be kept indefinitely for continuous use in teaching, scientific studies and research. Your family will need to give consent for any parts to be retained so it is important you discuss this possibility with them.

Once you have completed the registration, we will keep your name and contact information on file.  At the time of death, your family, attending doctor or funeral director should contact the Human Body Bequest Programme at the University as soon as possible. In order to determine if a body is appropriate for donation we need to get details of your medical history from your GP or treating doctor. 

There are reasons why, at certain times and due to certain conditions, we might not be able to accept your generous donation (see FAQs). We reserve the right to decide whether or not to proceed with the donation.

This decision can only be made at the time of death.  If accepted, we will liaise with the funeral director to transport your body to the University.

Once the study of the body is complete (typically 2-3 years), the remains will be cremated in an individual casket.  At the time of donation, your family will be given the option of either collecting the ashes from the medical school or having them scattered at the memorial plot the University has at the Mangere Memorial Gardens.  If your family wishes to collect the ashes we will notify them when they are ready for collection.



For all enquiries please contact:

Bequest Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 923 6703
Fax: +64 9 923 9500