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What we do?

What impact do we have?


Some of our projects:

  • INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity / non-communicable disease Research, Monitoring and Action Support)
  • mCessation in Samoa
  • Capacity building for research
  • Hearing Health in Fiji
  • Entertainment television for diabetes awareness (in partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ)
  • Pacific Monitoring for NCD Action (MANA)
  • Maternal health information needs among Samoan women
  • Diabetic retinopathy, cateract and trachoma in the Pacific Islands region.


Events 2017

Robin Ireland Presents

Robin Ireland presents "The potential for local food policies to improve health: experience from the UK".

From 2002 to 2016, Robin Ireland was Chief Executive of Heart of Mersey and its social enterprises, HM Partnerships and the European Healthy Stadia Network. Heart of Mersey was established in 2003 and is an internationally-recognised heart health charity based in Liverpool, UK. The charity advocates for policies at local, national and international levels which enable healthier lifestyles. 

Robin is now Director of Research for Food Active, a healthy weight campaign established by the North West Directors of Public Health in 2013, and is a Board member of Liverpool Food People, a Sustainable Food Cities initiative. Food Active specialises in local food policy such as the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight and campaigns such as Give Up Loving Pop. Food Active is also responsible for Food in Care, a food and nutrition resource developed in partnership with carers of Children Looked After.‘The potential for local food policies to improve health: experience from the UK’

The potential for local food policies to improve health: experience from the UK

Events 2016

Prof Scott Burris presenation "Policy Surveillance: a Vital Public Health Practice Comes of Age"
Dr Marian Nestle presentation on "Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning)"


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