School of Population Health

What is Global Health?


What are the biggest global threats to health?

Obesity, tobacco and climate change are three of the biggest.

The Global Health Group (GHG) at the University of Auckland’s School of Population Health is committed to improving the health of the most vulnerable populations in our Pacific region and globally. We’re doing this through research, training, education and collaboration.

The world needs innovative leaders with broad clear visions because the drivers of disease and injury are global and the solutions are complex. The Global Health Group has approximately two dozen staff/leading academics, and postgraduate researchers are tackling some of the most intellectually and politically challenging issues facing our Pacific region and the world. Students drawn to our group arrive with a desire to engage with the change makers and be part of a global movement for improving health of vulnerable populations.

The Global Health Group are focussed on solutions-oriented approaches that are ambitious, upstream and strategic; designed to help governments best manage limited resources for the biggest impact