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The Department of Medicine is supported in its educational mission by hundreds of honorary clinical staff. Please contact the HOD or Deputy HOD with a brief CV if you would like to be considered for this title. Benefits include access to the university library, mention in the university calendar, invitations to department and other activities.         

Grafton Campus

Head, Department of Medicine     Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Professor John Kolbe profile Respiratory Research, Cystic Fibrosis
Deputy Head      
Professor Cathy Stinear profile Postgraduate Advisor, Neurology Research
Professor Warwick Bagg profile Endocrinology, Medical Education  
Professor Alan Barber profile Neurology Research  
Professor Jill Cornish profile Bone Research
Professor Nicola Dalbeth profile Rheumatology, Gout  
Professor Rob Doughty profile Heart Health  
Professor Des Gorman profile Health Workforce, Occupational Medicine  
Professor Sally Poppitt profile Nutrition Research
Professor Phillippa Poole  
profile   MSOD Project\NZMSOD
Adjunct Professors      
Adjunct Clinical Professor Ed Gane profile Liver Research
Adjunct Clinical Professor Ralph Stewart profile Cardiology
Associate Professors      
Assoc Prof Mark Bolland profile Bone Research
Assoc Prof Geoff Braatvedt profile Endocrinology, Diabetes Research
Assoc Prof Andrew Grey profile Endocrinology, Bone Research  
Assoc Prof Malcolm Legget profile Cardiovascular Research  
Assoc Prof Rinki Murphy profile Diabetes
Assoc Prof Richard Roxburgh profile Neurology
Adjunct Associate Professors      
Assoc Prof Helen Pilmore profile Renal Research  
Assoc Prof Robert Young profile Respiratory Research
Senior Lecturers      
Dr Matthew Dawes profile Year 4 Medicine  
Dr Will Dransfield profile Clinical Methods
Dr Sandra Hotu profile Respiratory Research
Dr Maggie Ow profile Year 5 Medicine, Gastroenterology
Adjunct Senior Lecturer      
Dr Nigel Lever profile Year 6 Medicine, Cardiology 
Senior Research Fellow      
Dr Dorit Naot profile Bone Research  
Research Fellows      
Dr Nikki Earle profile Cardiovascular Research  
Dr Anne Horne profile
Bone Research  
Dr David Musson profile Bone Research  
Dr Marie-Claire Smith profile Neurology Research
Dr Sarah Stewart profile Rheumatology Research
Dr Raewyn Poulsen profile Bone Research

Waitemata Campus

Associate Dean 

    Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Professor Martin Connolly profile
Geriatrics Research  
Senior Lecturers      
Dr Laura Chapman profile Acute General Medicine
Dr Katherine Bloomfield profile Geriatrics Research  
Clinical Senior Lecturers      
Dr Jonathan Christiansen profile Cardiology
Dr Gerardus de Jong profile General Medicine, Metabolic Disease
Dr Vivienne Kim profile General Medicine
Dr Janak de Zoysa profile Nephrology
Dr Vinod Singh profile Stroke, Internal Medicine
Senior Research Fellow      
Dr Joanna Broad profile Geriatrics Research  
Clinical Lecturer      
Dr Ellen Miller profile Palliative Medicine
Professional Teaching Fellow
Dr Annabelle Claridge profile Geriatrics Research  

South Auckland Clinical Campus

Head of Section     Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Professor Harold Rea profile Respiratory Research
Associate Professor      
Assoc Prof Tim Kenealy profile Diabetes, Integrated Care
Adjunct Assoc Professor      
Assoc Prof Conroy Wong profile Respiratory Research
Assoc Prof Mark Marshall profile Renal Research
Senior Lecturer      
Dr Briar Peat profile Learning Development  
Honorary Senior Lecturers      
Dr Melisa Birdling profile Geriatric Medicine
Dr Paul Jarrett profile Dermatology

Waikato Campus

Assistant Dean
    Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Assoc  Professor Michael Jameson profile Oncology  
Associate Professor      
Assoc Professor John Conaglen profile Sexual Health  
Senior Lecturers      
Dr Marianne Elston profile Endocrinology
Dr Jade Tamatea profile Endocrinology
Adjunct Associate Professor      
Dr Amanda Oakley profile Dermatology
Adjunct Senior Lecturer      
Dr Helen Conaglen profile
Sexual Health
Clinical Senior Lecturers      
Dr Maggie Fisher profile Renal Medicine, General Medicine
Dr Simone Macindoe profile Older Persons and Rehabilitation
Dr Louise Wolmarans   Endocrinology and Diabetes
Dr Douglas White profile Rheumatology


Academic coordinator
    Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Adjunct Senior Lecturer      
Dr Nic Crook profile Endocrinology
Honorary Senior Lecturer      
Dr Carolyn Allen   Respiratory and General Medicine


Honorary Senior Lecturers     Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Dr Graeme Porter profile Cardiology
Dr Kate Grimwade profile Infectious Diseases/Tropical Medicine
Dr Prue McCallum profile Palliative Medicine
Dr Richard North profile Oncology


Honorary Senior Lecturers     Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Dr Ashik Hayat   Nephrology
Dr Rajesh Kumar profile Rheumatology


Academic Coordinator     Clinical Specialty/Research Interests
Dr Win Bennett profile  
Honorary Senior Lecturers      
Dr Alan Davis profile Geriatric Medicine
Dr Erin Doherty   Cardiology
Dr Adam Mullan profile Nephrology
Dr Walaa Saweirs profile Nephrology
Dr Jennifer Walker profile Nephrology