Public lecture - What really helps adults who are obese lose weight long-term? Event as iCalendar

26 March 2019

6 - 7pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 505-007, Grafton Campus

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton

Host: School of Medicine

Contact info: Virginia Hand

Contact email:

Alison Avenell EDM 1

The media bombard us with the impression that weight loss diets don’t work. Should we abandon diets and fund more weight loss surgery?

Over the last 15 years Professor Alison Avenell, Clinical Chair in Health Services Research at the University of Aberdeen, has led teams reviewing the long-term evidence for different approaches to weight loss management.

Professor Avenell’s research focuses on pragmatic randomised trials and systematic reviews of nutritional interventions and includes three large reports funded by the National Health Service in the UK. She trained in nutrition, medicine, and clinical biochemistry/chemical pathology and also works as a hospital consultant. Professor Avenell is a University of Auckland Distinguished Visitor awardee, supported by the University of Auckland Foundation.

In her public lecture, Professor Avenell will discuss the topic of what really helps adults who are obese lose weight long-term and the lessons learned through her research for governments, health services and individuals.

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