Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Business, employers and community

Businesses, employers and members of the public interact with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences in a number of ways. Our key external stakeholders are District Health Boards and medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health managers. A hugely important stakeholding group is our own alumni.

The nature of our teaching and research lends itself to considerable support from the community which we serve, and in which we live. Any and all such support is always welcome and tremendously appreciated.

Continuing education

Our faculty runs a variety of relevant, health-practitioner focused courses for continuing education.

View The University of Auckland's continuing education site.

Community service

We offer a range of specialised teaching clinics that provide medical and health support to the community.

Community clinics

Donations and bequests

Much of our success depends on support from the community.

How you can help