Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences


  • New regional rural doctor training for Whakatane
    18 January 2017
    The first fifth year medical students in a new Regional-Rural Programme will soon be working at Whakatane Hospital and in local GP rooms.
  • New gene therapy hope for spinal injuries
    17 January 2017
    A new gene therapy that may restore some movement function to people with recent spinal cord injuries is the focus for spinal cord injury researcher, Jarred Griffin.
  • Brainy obsession leads to knighthood
    04 January 2017
    Distinguished Professor Sir Richard Faull's nearly 40 year research obsession with the anatomy of the human brain has led to ground-breaking discoveries that have revolutionised the understanding and treatment of brain disease.
  • Mental health experience leads to Supreme Award
    19 December 2016
    Supreme Award winner at the annual Attitude Awards this year was mental health awareness advocate and University of Auckland professional teaching fellow, Debra Lampshire.
  • Better nutrition information for GPs
    19 December 2016
    Improving the quality of nutrition information available to general practitioners for their patients, is the focus of a study funded by a new research fellowship.
  • Health and independence highlighted in ageing population
    15 December 2016
    Health, independence and caregiving in advanced age are investigated in a major report released today that will assist policy and services on the health care impacts of population ageing in New Zealand
  • Improved care aim for older Pacific people study
    15 December 2016
    A study to improve end-of-life care for older Pacific people will begin early next year at the University of Auckland as part of the Ageing Well, National Science Challenge.
  • First clinical cancer trials research centre
    12 December 2016
    New Zealand cancer patients will have greater access to new treatments through clinical trials, thanks to a major donation towards a new research unit which is the first step towards an Integrated Cancer Centre.
  • Diabetes missing link discovered in Auckland
    05 December 2016
    New Zealand researchers have uncovered a new mechanism that controls the release of the hormone insulin in the body, providing hope for those with a genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes.
  • Silent rising HIV epidemic needs action
    01 December 2016
    The world’s most dangerous infectious disease epidemic of the modern era is reviving, but are we prepared in New Zealand
  • New insights on limb evolution from Auckland
    30 November 2016
    An Auckland medical scientist has contributed to a better understanding of the role of muscles in limb evolution from fish to land animals, in research published recently.
  • Child resuscitation under scrutiny
    30 November 2016
    A new study to assess how surf lifeguards are doing with child resuscitation skills is underway in the north this summer.
  • Vitamin D supplements unnecessary for healthy adults
    28 November 2016
    Most people get sufficient vitamin D from sunshine and diet and do not need to take vitamin D supplements, according to a review led by the University of Auckland’s Associate Professor Mark Bolland.
  • Gambling addiction influenced by room design
    25 November 2016
    Rooms where gambling machines are tightly clumped in ways that discourage social interaction are more likely to result in heavy and problematic gambling, according to an Auckland gambling addiction expert, Professor Peter Adams
  • Record number of new Māori and Pacific doctors this year
    23 November 2016
    A record number of Māori and Pacific graduate doctors from the University of Auckland joined the workforce this week.
  • Fewer deaths related to six-hour target
    21 November 2016
    New Zealand’s six-hour target for the time people stay in hospital emergency departments is related to fewer patients dying, according to new research at the University of Auckland.
  • International neuroscientists reveal next frontier
    21 November 2016
    Five international neuroscience pioneers will outline the next frontiers in brain research in Auckland in December. The community-focused panel discussion on the latest international scientific developments in brain research takes place at the University of Auckland’s Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium on Friday 2 December
  • Our kids rate globally as physically active
    18 November 2016
    New Zealand kids rate as the second most physically active kids in the world, according to the latest global physical activity report released today.
  • Auckland medical students benefit in the regions
    17 November 2016
    Practicing medicine in the regions and rural areas of the upper North Island was a memorable experience for most of the 213 University of Auckland medical students due to graduate on Friday.
  • Celebrating success – Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences graduation
    17 November 2016
    More than 420 students will receive their qualifications this week at graduation ceremonies for New Zealand’s largest medical and health school.