Parenting interventions: For whom do they work and how well do they transport across countries and cultures? Event as iCalendar

27 February 2019

9 - 11am

Venue: Neurology Room, Clinical Education Centre, Level 5 Auckland Hospital

Location: 2 Park Road, Grafton

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Professor Gardener
Professor Gardner

Professor Frances Gardner is Professor of Child and Family Psychology in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, and Fellow of Wolfson College. She has been variously Director and Deputy Director of the graduate programme in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation at Oxford since it began in 2003, as well as co-Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention. 

Her research focuses on the development and testing of parenting interventions for reducing child behaviour problems, and violence against children, in high, as well as low and middle income countries, with projects in the UK, USA, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand and the Philippines. 

She investigates questions about transportability of parenting interventions across cultures and countries, about mechanisms of change, and about the subgroups of families and children for whom these interventions are most effective.

Date: Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Venue: Neurology Room, Clinical Education Centre, Level 5, Auckland Hospital,  2 Park Road, Grafton

Time: 9-11am

RSVP by Friday 22 February to Ranjeeni Ram