Globalisation of Recreation and Ageing: Economic and Social Cost of Exclusion Event as iCalendar

14 February 2019

3 - 5pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 731-201, Tāmaki Campus

Location: 261 Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland

Host: Evie Kinane

Cost: Free

Contact email:

About the speaker

Jerome F. Singleton, PhD, CTRS is a Professor in the Recreation and Leisure Studies Department in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.

His research is focused in the area of Leisure and Ageing. He was made a Fellow of the World Demographic Association, named Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association Professional of the Year and is a founding member of the Leisure and Aging Research Group, which was established in 2008.

Dr Singleton has advised over 30 master students who have investigated questions related to Leisure and Aging areas and has published over 100 journal articles during his career and made presentations locally, nationally and internationally, related to the area of Leisure and Aging. He is currently a Commissioner for the World and Leisure Recreation Association for the Commission on Access and Inclusion. He has served on the editorial boards for the Therapeutic Recreation Journal, American Therapeutic Recreation Annual, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, Annals in Leisure Research and the Journal of Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and has reviewed articles for Leisure Science and Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation.

About the seminar

This free seminar is hosted by the New Zealand Society of Diversional and Recreational Therapists Inc and the School of Population Health. Please RSVP to Evie Kinane using the contact details listed above.